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An Inner Look…

April 22nd, 2008 | No Comments

I’ve been asked about Orion a couple of times. The general answer that I give people is “I figured that if I had to create a boyfriend, I might as well create for myself a Greek God in the process.” This is why he’s a StarMan.

I recently had a dear friend of mine call me on my generalized answer. He said, “I always assumed that he was just a representation of your soul mate that’s out there.”

Dammit, I’ve been found out.

Yes, I’ve always considered myself “sensitive” to the everyday unseen forces around us. I’ve had dreams that come true, daydreams of things that actually happened in the past (without previous inklings), I’ve seen apparitions of sorts, and people have heard my voice before I opened my mouth to say something from 1500 miles away. I can’t explain these things, I do not claim to be psychic, I just acknowledge that these things happen (and usually have a connection down the road). I am spiritual by nature.

I really did (still do) talk to the constellation Orion as a child. He seemed like a real person up in the sky. I had dreams of a lifetime companion that was always there (I still have dreams of him, in fact). I took the traits of dream boy and made them the face of my favourite constellation. That made him real to me. If Orion really is out there, I haven’t found him (yet). I hope that one day, when it’s time, I will. Until then, I still have my imaginary boyfriend… In my head… And always with me.

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