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Vivid Dreams

October 9th, 2008 | No Comments

So, James, tell me…  Do you like coffee?

I have silly dreams.  I call them silly, but they’re really exciting and generally remind me that I have an overactive imagination.

Take last night’s dream for example.  Studying under a “master,” I fell in love with a fellow apprentice assassin (James) whose master kills my master because she was jealous of my “date” with her apprentice.  According to the rules, my date and myself are now required to fight to the death so that I may defend my master’s honour or die because my master wasn’t a fit assassin (because she died).  Little did the opposing master know that my master was my birth mother, which made the assassination a personal vendetta, so I could bypass the apprentice and challenge the jealous wench directly.  I figured out that the jealous wench had fought my master once she figured out that I was my master’s daughter begotten from my mother and her master who mastered both of the women.  The JW was “cast aside” for my mother and so she killed him, leaving my mother to fend for herself… Etc., etc.

Might as well make it a book, right?

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