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Lasers in Engraving and 3D Printing

November 17th, 2014 | No Comments

I almost can’t apologize enough for not posting this sooner.

I peruse Kickstarter often whenever I’m looking for the latest in technology. Sometimes I get lucky, but more often than not I find something after the campaign ended, with no update from the creator for years afterwords. This time, I had an idea, hoping to find a desktop laser engraver with the head interchangeable with a 3D printer extruder. I didn’t find one. (Side note: If you happen to know of one, please tell me about it! If you’re an engineer and think you could make one, also let me know! Free idea, just let me play with it.)

Instead, back in January, I found this: Full Spectrum Laser launched this Kickstarter to help fund their new Pegasus Touch Laser 3D Printer.  One of their perks included their 5th Gen CO2 Hobby Laser (that they had successfully funded their upgrade via Kickstarter in September, 2012) at a combined discount. After much high pitched rejoicing, you can bet that I jumped on that. Fast.

Pew pew!

Full Spectrum Laser: New 40W/45W CO2 Hobby Laser (5th gen: 20″x12″+Removable Floor)

The laser engraver shipped as soon as the project funded. I got it less than a week later. My husband and I watched their incredibly helpful unboxing video, where we went through all the steps, placed it on the workbench, and it’s been sitting there ever since. (The cats love it as a bed.)

But no more! I finally buckled down today and decided that my laser engraver makes better use as intended than a paper weight! Keep posted for updates about how well it works and how nice it is to not have to travel 30+ minutes every time I need to engrave something.

I also received that 3d printer. It’s next…

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