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So, you’re interested in a vinyl decal, are you? You’re probably wondering what to do with it when you receive your order.

Well, you’re in luck! I happen to have the info all right here.

These decal stickers are made of a thin vinyl with an adhesive side that can be placed on any smooth surface. I’ve used them on walls, journals, windows, cars, cups, cell phones, and cellphone cases. The glue is rated for outdoor signs up to 10 years, so while you can remove it, it’s unlikely to happen “by accident.”

To apply one, you:

  1. Rub/press the clear masking down to ensure adhesion to the non-sticky side of the vinyl. Best done with a tongue depressor or a vinyl squeegee.
  2. Peel the masking up so that it takes the decal with it.
  3. Carefully place the decal where you want it from the center out to avoid air bubbles.
  4. Rub/press down again from the center out, actively trying to push any trapped air bubbles out from under the vinyl.
  5. Remove the clear mask, leaving the vinyl decal behind.

If you have any trapped bubbles, I have had luck poking them with an x-acto knife and then smoothing the vinyl out.


Video below:


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