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Who are we?

EmmaI am Emma Lysyk, and I own and operate Em2a Studios – a Phoenix, Arizona-based Graphic Arts & Creation Studio and home of EmaCartoon.com: A Webcomic of Art & Life. Specializing in laser engraving and vinyl decals, my team and I make a variety of miscellaneous geekery items and are available for commission and prototyping. We travel to comic conventions to sell our wares, promote the webcomic, and to share information about what we do and how to do it. We used to often be found at our local TechShop in Chandler, AZ before they went under.

With over twelve years of solid experience in illustration, layout, design, web design, and new media, I am well versed in HTML, CSS, Adobe Suites, Macromedia Suites, CorelDraw, and both the Windows and Mac platforms. Flash and I know each other intimately, though I have less time to work in Flash than I’d like. I have also worked in online and offline marketing, which opened up the world of social media to me as well as the processes of branding, trending, lead generation, viral marketing, and SEO. My current corporate job is for a nutritional supplement company in the Art Department doing the FDA regulated part of labels (Nutrition facts panels [food and dietary supplements], font sizes, layout, document control, etc. – the part that the rest of Sales & Marketing don’t want to deal with). I am also certified in common General Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and trained in 21 CFR 101 & 111.


My interests are broad and encompass most of the majors available to a media arts student. Due to my never-ending desire to learn something new, I have not obtained a degree and the classes I take allow me to be well-versed in many of the available programs. My hobbies can be simplified to most subjects pertaining to the arts, computers, gardening, pets, nature, and coffee (particularly chai)


I am readily available by e-mailing me at .

Please allow a 48 hour response time in case I have other commitments and cannot get to my e-mail for a day or two.

Disclaimer stuff:

As you see at the footer, all my stuff is Copyright me. What does that mean? No stealing. If you want to use something, ask. I will leave it up to MY discretion on a case-by-case basis.

I, Emily Lysyk, have the right to edit, delete, and block any and all inappropriate or unnecessary comments on this blog, as I see fit. No trolling, no name calling, no trouble. There are no wrong opinions, just ones you don’t have to agree with. Be nice and play fair.

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