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I think I’ve found the perfect..

April 18th, 2008 | No Comments

purpose for this blog. I’ve never really been good at keeping things “Up-to-date”, but I’m exceptionally good at posting things that I find interesting, etc. Well… I do believe that this blog will now host not only the interesting things, but comic ideas. I keep losing my ideas because I never write them down… Dóh! (French Homer).

Like this one taken from a conversation with my friend, D:
Em²a: The universe works in wonderful ways ^_^
Em²a: Urg… I hate it when I get antsy and have lots of energy, but no where to burn it… ‘Cuz I’m stuck at WORK.
D: *Snicker* The universe just didn’t want to see him get beat, that’s all.
D: I sowwie.
Em²a: Not you’re fault, but thanks
Em²a: Well, it could be, but I can’t prove it.
Em²a: It was an expression of sympathy.
Em²a: your*
D: 😉
Em²a: I’m conjunction happy this week
D: LOL!!!
D: and nobody can prove it… that’s the unfortunate part.
D: I think that the world would be a much better place if everybody knew how the universe worked. Then nobody could commit atrocities, claiming that they were guessing.
D: …cuz if they did, the universe would smite them down… for being an idiot.
Em²a: lol
Em²a: yes…

Idiot: “It is the Will of God that these people shall die.”
Me: “How do you know? How the FUCK do you have ANY idea about what God wants? Answer that.”
Idiot: “He spoke to me in a vision.”
Universe: “LIAR!”
Me: “Oh shit!

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