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November 5th, 2008 | 1 Comment

I for one am not a big fan of politics, and as such, decided to keep most political comments to myself.  This is mainly because I have strong opinions that don’t follow the main-stream of the blue-haired majority, and I don’t necessarily enjoy opening myself up to “trolling” and the like.  However, there are a few things that have occurred that I feel need mentioning.

Here are a few of my comments about this most recent election:

  1. I like Mr. Obama; I see a lot of potential in him.  I was in awe watching the United States of America make history voting in a man who is of the top two races here.  I think he might be the one to bridge the gaps in Congress – that of the parties, of race, of social status, and more.  For the first time since I was a child, I have hope for America, and am proud of my half-American roots.
  2. However, we simultaneously voted in discrimination and a bi-racial president.  Go us.
  3. It is not the government’s job to save my soul and keep me from going to hell.  It is also not their job to tell me (or anyone else) who I can and cannot marry, nor what I can and cannot do to my body.  I strongly feel that the separation of Church and State has been breached.
  4. For Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County: I want you to take a loooong look at the results of the state.  Yes, you were voted back into office (this is a Republican state.  It was bound to happen).  But Proposition 202 – Stopping Illegal Hiring failed.  Your job is to uphold the law, not create new ones, and not to target.  This does not mean you should “do it more.”  I ask you to target CRIMINALS, not people (read HUMAN BEINGS) that do not have the proper paperwork to be in the country.  Lack of paperwork does not a criminal make.
  5. To Arkansas: Yes, you were targeting “gay and lesbian couples,” but you also made it so that a single man or woman in the nesting mode who has not found a life partner to marry cannot adopt or foster a child, either.  That means that if I lived in Arkansas and (heaven-forbid) something happened to my father or step-mother, I could not adopt or foster my much younger siblings – simply because I am unmarried.  Do you recognize heterosexual domestic partnership?  They can’t adopt or foster, either.
  6. To Colorado and Nebraska: Thank you.  I am tired of being discriminated against (and punished) because I am a single white female who has not given birth to a child.  It becomes most obvious of this when I try to attend college and cannot file for my own FAFSA despite that I have supported myself since I was 14 years old just because I still talk to my parents.

I look forward to the changes to come.  Maybe I’ll even stick around to see them unfold.

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