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Why I Don’t Tolerate “Trolls”

March 31st, 2009 | No Comments

On my About Me page, under my Disclaimer Stuff, you might have noticed that I reserve the right to “edit, delete, and block any and all inappropriate or unnecessary comments on this blog, as I see fit.” I generally reserve this right because there are those people out there who like nothing better than to take all attention and focus it upon themselves.

Before you start telling me how I’m suppressing your rights, and how I must be afraid to face you and your comments, I suggest you take a look at this article by Greg Finn of Search Engine Land: Beware These Comment Saboteurs In Social Media

This article outlines 11 types of commenters that have little to no social benefit. I would like to point out the “troll.”

The troll

…These users seriously dislike you and want you to know it—publicly. Maybe you created better content than they did, or you downvoted one of their articles and they found out. The fact of the matter is that they are pissed. And they are going to follow you around to pester you.

I have no tolerance for trolling. Period and end of story.

Dislike of someone can be expressed via e-mail outside the public eye.

If you don’t like the content (see “the hater”), then that has plenty of room to be addressed in the comments, but please maintain a certain respect for the author. There is no law stating that you have to agree with every opinion I, or anyone else for that matter, may have. Offering opposing views ensures that the media is not skewed in any particular direction and ensures a good balance of opinions. However, if your hatred for me gets in the way of contributing to society and only proliferates hate, destruction, and negativity, then I’m simply not going to display it.

It’s so easy for people to hide behind their computer monitors and spout hateful and hurtful garbage pretending that everyone wants to hear their noise. Please try to remember that there is a human face behind everything and perhaps then there will be much less discord in the virtual world.

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